Shrek The Musical

Last week I went to see Shrek The Musical with some girl friends. Now bearing in mind we are all in our early 20’s, it was surprising how much we all enjoyed it! Similarly like Legally Blonde the musical, I had my reservations about how Shrek would work, as the film isn’t a musical and I was uncertain how they could visually achieve some scenes on the stage. Shrek is after all, a very well-known film and the characters are well-loved, so I was hesitant as to how the UK cast could take on the voices and personalities that are so synonymous with Mike Myers and Eddie Murphy. I needn’t have worried. Shrek The Musical delivered on all levels. It was funny, had some great songs, and some of the visual elements were SPECTACULAR.

As a BIG Girls Aloud fan I was slightly disappointed that Kimberley Walsh wasn’t in the performance I saw ( I almost cried ) but the girl who did play Fiona, Alice Fearn did have an incredible voice. I have always liked Richard Blackwood ( a few of his songs still appear unashamedly on my iPod ) and I was pleasantly surprised at his performance as Donkey. Nigel Lindsay was aptly a disgusting ogre with a heart as Shrek and I am literally in shock that this is the same man who played Barry in Four Lions! Leigh Anne Stone played the gingerbread man and her voice absolutely blew me away but this show would not be half of what it is without Nigel Harman.

I literally could not believe my eyes seeing Harman camp it up as Lord Farquaad. My only previous experience of Harman was of course in Eastenders, and clearly this role is the polar opposite, but I cannot express how funny I found his performance. His facial expressions, his dancing, not to mention the fact he is ON HIS KNEES THE ENTIRE TIME…it was truly impressive. I especially love the nod to Wiked’s “Defying Gravity” in one of his songs.

As I said some of the visual aspects in the show were incredible. It was only half way through the show I thought “how the heck are the going to do the dragon?”…well fear not, they “do” the dragon with sheer style. I haven’t seen War Horse but I imagine it’s pretty similar puppetry…more or less…ahem. Joking aside, I thought it was amazing. The set was very impressive and I was particualarly captivated by the bridge sequence.

The show really did make me laugh out loud, and at the end i just wanted to get up and dance! This is show I think children and adults can enjoy and apart from the toilet humour ( I suppose it is to be expected) I LOVED IT!


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