Remember to clean your make up brushes

Now some people may see the title of this post, and think “obviously!” Hurray if you are one of those people, but I have recently been shocked at the amount of people I see out and about with very dirty, clogged up make up brushes.  Some of my friends have also admitted to me they can be a bit lazy when it comes to cleaning brushes and sponges, but it is so important and can help your skin stay healthy. I know it is something that we may not have time for every day, so here are some handy tips for keeping your brushes clean.

TOP TIP: If you are pushed for time to wash your brushes every day, at least wipe them with a baby wipe, just to get the excess make up and bacteria off.

Then I would say wash your brushes at least once every week. I do mine on a sunday as I am usually make up free that day.

Step 1) Run warm water over you brushes. You should notice some of the pigment immediately washing off of your brush.

Step 2) Use a brush cleanser or shampoo and work it into the bristles of your brush.

MAC brush cleanser £8.50 is very good (Get it here) What is so good about this product is that  even when you think you’ve got all the make up off the brush, a squeeze of this cleanser soon shows you there is more! It really seems to get rid of every last bit of make up ( and hopefully bacteria )

If the MAC cleanser is breaking the bank, (which it can sometimes for me as I have a lot of brushes to clean) then Johnsons Baby Shampoo does a really great job. At the moment it is only £1 at boots (get it here) It lathers up nicely, and effectively gets your brushes clean. The good thing is that because it is meant for babies it is kind to skin, plus I think it smells nice!

Step 3) Thoroughly rinse the cleaning product from the brushes and dab dry with tissue.

Step 4) Re-shape your brushes and lay on tissue to dry.

If you do this on a regular basis I genuinely believe it makes a difference to your skin.


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