Legally Blonde The Musical

A little while ago I went to see Legally Blonde the Musical at the Savoy Theatre. Being a fan of the films I really wasn’t sure what to expect from a musical version. Would the songs be good? Would it make sense bursting in to song? Would anyone else be able replace Reese Witherspoon as Elle Woods? Well, I can honestly say it was such a fun show to see, I defy anyone not to feel uplifted and happy after seeing this. I also defy anyone not to get the song “Oh My God Oh My God You Guys” stuck in there head for the rest of time. For hardcore musical fans, this show it is not as serious as some classic musicals and I found elements of it reminded me of a panto (IN A GOOD WAY) because it is light and fun.

Carley Stenson was a fine fit for the role of Elle Woods. I have always liked Carley (although I am not a Hollyoaks fan) and I was surprised at how good her voice was. Lee Mead played Emmett when I saw the show. The show is very girly, and although Lee played the role well, it wasn’t the kind of part that allowed him to shine, as the play isn’t really focused on him.  Peter Davison was well cast as the villainous Professor Callahan, but the star of the show for me was Natalie Casey as Paulette. I have always found Casey annoying in things like Two Pints of Larger and A Packet of Crisps (although, who wasn’t annoying in that?) but I can’t believe how good she was in the show. Her comic timing and delivery was great, and I was surprised at how well she can sing! She certainly changed my opinion of her, and really made the show even more enjoyable. Also I can’t forget to mention how good the dogs are in the show. They were the ultimate professionals and definitely had the cute factor.

I would really recommend this show for a fun girls night out. The music is lively and catchy and some of the songs had me laughing out loud, look out for “Gay or European?” There are a few innuendos and adult talk which may not be suitable for young children, but overall it’s a really good night out. So if you like the Legally Blonde films go and see it!

Warning: May cause desire to dress head to toe in pink.


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