The Perfect Brow

In my opinion there is nothing worse than an over plucked, thin eyebrow. But, now there is a new eyebrow faux pas, the “scouse brow.”

Please do not try this at home

This is just so exaggerated and looks completely fake ( much like the tv show Desperate Scousewives). I think the key to a successful eyebrow is full, but subtle. You should pick a shade that is very close to the natural colour of your eyebrow, and use it to shape and fill in the natural line and arch of your brow.

The right way to do it…

Mila Kunis

I love the shape of Mila’s eyebrow. It is full but in proportion with her face and most importantly, her eyes. It is even and not heavily filled in, just enough to frame her face beautifully.

Natalie Portman

Another lady with perfect brows is Natalie Portman. Again her brow is full, but not over powering, it is looking as natural as possible, and helps to high light her eyes.

Lauren Conrad

Another brow hero of mine is Lauren Conrad. The coverage of Lauren’s eyebrow is very natural, but the overall look is perfectly groomed, no rogue hairs, just evenly shaped.

My budget brow kit:



Clear mascara: 2 True Intense Colour Mascara in shade No.1 Clear (£1.99)

Eye brow pencil: 2 True Expert Brow pencil. Shade No.1 (£1.99)

I have very dark brown hair and I LOVE the shade of this . It is really natural and not too dark. I would recommend it for mousy light brown, medium brown and dark brown hair as you can get a darker or lighter effect when applying different pressure.

Step 1. First pluck and trim the hair into the shape you want.

Step 2.  I then apply clear mascara onto the eyebrow to help hold the shape. (If you run out of clear mascara, a tiny bit of vaseline also does the trick!)

Step 3. Once the mascara is dry I use the eye pencil to fill in my brow.

Step 4. To finish I use the brush on the cap of the 2 True eyebrow pencil to smudge and brush off any excess colour.

Optional Sexy Step 5. To give more impact on a night out I apply Benefit High Beam (£18.50) under the arch of my brow.

Pricer Brow Kits:

Brows A Go Go: Benefit £26.50 (Get it here)

I have many friends who swear by this kit! It has everything for a dramatic eyebrow, and is a very handy compact. Save up!

Arch De Triumph Taupe/Buff: Soap and Glory £8 (Get it here)

This is a lovely little crayon. It is a good neutral shade for eyebrows, and the pearly pink highlighter has a similar look to Benefit High Beam. It is handy to just pop in your bag and do your brows on the go.

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