Winter Nail Varnish

With the cold winter days and festive parties upon us, it is time to indulge in some winter colours for your nails.

First up…The Christmas Pudding

No 7 Beanie

No 7 Beanie £7 (Buy it here)

This brown is very versatile and will be the perfect addition to any earthy knitwear this winter. It has a glossy shine and is very hard wearing (as are all No 7 nail varnishes that I have tried)

Next…The Mulled Wine

No 7 Damson Dream

No 7 Damson Dream £7 (Buy it here)

This photo does not do the colour of this polish justice. It is a mixture between burgundy, plum and metallic red. When the light hits your nails the colour pops and is very glossy. It is smooth to apply and the perfect wine shade to get you in the festive mood.

Next…The Christmas Coal

No 7 Beautifully Black

No 7 Beautifully Black £7 (Buy it here)

This is no ordinary black, it has a subtle hint of silver sparkle in it so the colour is not too harsh or gothic for daytime, yet it has all the glamour for the evening. I would highly recommend this as being in everyone’s collection as THE staple black nail varnish. You can’t get away from metallic clothes and accessories at this time of year, and the hint of silver in Beautifully Black means that it fits in well.

Next….The Other Black

Nails Inc Victoria

Nails Inc Victoria £11 (Buy it here)

I know what your thinking, it’s not No 7…shock! In case you’re wondering I did go quite ott with my Boots £5 vouchers recently.  Anyway, I got this free with Glamour for £2!! I have lots of nails inc varnishes but this has to be my favourite shade, so I am very please I got this bargain. If Beautifully Black is a bit too black for you, the hint of red in Victoria offers a bit more warmth so it will suit all skin tones (my photo doesn’t do it justice). It has such a glossy finish, so much so a few people asked if I had had my nails done professionally! (Surely the ultimate compliment?) The hint of red adds a little Christmas spirit to a classic look, plus my nails were chip free for a week.

Next…The Bobby Dazzler

2 True Crystal Nail Polish

2 true Crystal Nail Polish Shade 4 £1.99 (Buy it here)

This little beauty truly has the wow factor. The pigment of this colour is amazing, it is a dazzling purple with all the effect of glitter, but none of the grittiness. I honestly could not stop looking at my nails when I had this on. It is very hard wearing – with not a chip in sight! I also can’t believe how easy it is to take off, often glitter nail varnishes are a pain to remove, but this was so simple! I can’t praise this little gem enough, it is amazing value for money and it comes in red, teal and royal blue ,which I will be adding to my collection soon.

Next…The Snow Ball

NYC Gramercy Glitz

NYC Gramercy Glitz 155 £1.79 (Buy it here)

This is a shade that has all the sparkle you need, but with its baby pink undertones, it is still subtle.  The glitter is very small with flecks of silver, white and iridescent blue. I liked the effect of it over a pale pink or pale metallic gold. Be sure that it is dry before applying more than one coat, as it can get a little bit gloopy, but for a glitter nail varnish it is very good.

Next…The Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh

Collection 2000 Fudge Brownie and Buried Treasure

Collection 2000 Lasting Colour £2.99 (Buy it here)

10: Fudge Brownie 25: Buried Treasure

There are lots of cute metallic party dresses in the shops right now, and these nail varnishes are a great accessory for any glam outfit. The shades are pale but that’s what I love about them. They are not too vibrant for daytime wear, and just nicely compliment whatever shade of jewellery you are wearing, as your nails look like they have been dipped in liquid gold and bronze.

And finally….The Christmas Cracker

No 7 Milan

No7 Milan 110 £7 (Buy it here)

Minx nails have become very popular (and rightly so) but I think that this polish is like minx in a bottle. It gives the impression of a pinky silver foil and really sparkles. This really does shimmer and again I was so surprised at how long it lasted. Because this is so sparkly, some people may shy away from using it during the day, but I would recommend it for any party dress.

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