Review: Arthur Christmas

I wasn’t sure what to expect from this as the trailer looked good, which usually means all the funny bits are shown and the film struggles to fill in the blanks. But seriously… wow. I was pleasantly surprised with how good the animation was, as a die hard Pixar fan I never think anything else is up to scratch, but the years Aardman have spent working on this, certainly have paid off. The story was great and I didn’t feel any part of the film was dragging as there was comedy all the way through.

What struck me most about this film was all the little touches that children wouldn’t pick up on. The film is ridden with jokes and visuals to entertain adults. Not surprising, as this method is also part of the magic of Wallace and Gromit. In my opinion, the casting is brilliant. Jim Broadbent is very good at being the clumsy ageing Santa, Hugh Laurie is fabulous at playing the highly strung Steve, James McAvoy is charming as the caring Arthur, but most notable mentions are to Bill Nighy and Ashley Jensen. Bill is brilliant at playing a wise cracking, grumpy ex santa, and his relationship with Ashley Jensen, the wrapping supremo elf, provided me with the most laugh out loud moments throughout the film.

I really feel this is a film you could go and see with any member of your family, as I think anyone could enjoy it. I would happily go and see it again, and I know that it is a film I will watch every Christmas from now on. Although I was really impressed with the graphics, to be honest I didn’t feel the 3D added anything special to it, so if you can only see the 2D version, not to worry.


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