My 5 favourite things of the moment

Witch Anti Blemish Skin Clearing Primer £6.99 (Buy it here)

I used to wear moisturiser underneath my foundation to make it glide on easily and Vaseline on my eye lids to keep eyeshadows in place. Although this is a method I can’t fault, I am pleased with the results of this primer. It makes my skin feel really soft and my make up goes on very smoothly and evenly. It has also helped my make up to last longer, and although my skin isn’t completely blemish free (to be honest I don’t think it ever will be) this  primer does seem to have made a difference to the appearance of my skin.

Collection 2000 Metallic Cream Eye shadow £2.99 (Buy it here)

“1 Gold Rush” “2 Platinum Bling” and “3 Rock n Rose”

There are a lot of metallic eye shadows coming out at the moment, especially in the cream/mousse variety. I was sceptical about using this because of the price and wand. I wasn’t sure there would be much pigment and assumed it would rub off. How wrong could I have been. I have only ever used it with the Witch Anti Blemish Primer underneath, but the lasting power was really good. It lasted all day at work and although I suppose the pigment may have slightly faded near the top, it was still very impressive. The wand is really easy to use too and the cream itself is easy to apply with no lumps or stickiness. It just glides on. I would recommend closing your eyes for 30 seconds after applying to minimise risk of smudging.

Lipcote £3.35 (Buy it here)

I have only recently delved into the world of red lipstick, and this is a life saver. Although the smell and tingle sensation are strange at first, this product is so crucial for keeping the colour of your lipstick looking good. I would recommend it for matte lipsticks, and although it does not make your lipstick last all day or night it definitely prolongs it! With more sheer lipsticks you do have to re-apply more often.

Mayebelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel liner £7.99 (Buy it here)

This product is a must have for eyeliner lovers. It has the pigment and staying power of Mac fluid Line, but you get a brush and pay half the price! Of course you have to allow a few seconds to dry, and a couple of times initially I have to wipe the crease of my eyelid but I think that is down to how big I draw my line accompanied by the fact I have quite heavy lids. The thing that amazes me the most about this eyeliner is its performance on a night out. I use it with fake eyelashes and on the water line of my eye and it stays put all night! It is so nice to come home and not look like a panda after sweating in a nightclub. It does also last me all day at work so this will definitely be a repeat purchase for me from now on.

2 true Voluptulash Mascara £1.99 (Buy it here)

I am always trying new mascaras and constantly searching for the holy grail. Now I am not saying this is perfect, but it is pretty close. The brush is curved and a nice size so it reaches all my lashes. I was so surprised at how much it lengthend my lashes whilst separating them. I can’t believe that it is only £1.99 as it easily coats all my lashes with out being too thick. No spider lashes here ladies. The only down side to this mascara is that some excess mascara does appear round the rim when you put the lid back on. Although it is a bit annoying having to clean the outside every time, at the moment I will happily do this because of the results and price tag! (although I will probably always keep a sneaky eye out for the perfect mascara)


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