Review: The princess and the frog

For several years now Disney has joined forces with Pixar to create some of children’s (and some adults) favourite films. Disney’s and Pixar’s latest creation UP certainly received critical acclaim and great box offices figures, so it would seem strange to revert to the 2D cartoon method of animation that many of use grew up with.

Tiana and her Prince


Once again though, Disney is right on the money, the decision to make a classic cartoon feature film has been successful, as it seems to be “new”. Computer animation certainly has impressed us, but now that it is so advanced and so life like it has lost some of its wow factor, so the thought of a classic cartoon seems rather appealing and nostalgic.

The princess and the frog is Disney’s first feature film to contain an African American female lead, played by Anika Noni Rose (Dreamgirls.) The film also includes a terrifically catchy original score by Randy Newman, who has been nominated for 2 Oscars for his songs in the film. Recent Disney/Pixar films have lacked sing-along songs, so it is refreshing to see their return.

The film is set in New Orleans, and is a tale of family, hard work and finding love. Disney manages to use its magic to make the audience look at things differently, just like in Ratatouille , The Princess and the frog makes the viewer question their prejudices about certain animals, in this case crocodiles, frogs and glow worms by giving them a friendly voice and good morals. The film succeeds in providing a truly scary villain, which is what a good children’s film needs.

Word of warning, bring your tissues, as there is a death but in true Disney style you are left at the end with a feeling of happy and content. All in all it  is another enjoyable classic that is fun for all the family!


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