Q&A: Student cooking revealed with Jimbolt

I interviewed James Bolt in a Twitter style where I allowed him to give answers upto 140 characters (ish, he wouldn’t stop talking). James, 20, is a second year BA (Hons) Communication and Media student at Bournemouth University. He gives an insight into how a male student copes with cooking away from home.

James Bolt, 20, from Swindon



ME: Do you cook often?

JB: Sometimes when I can be bothered but I don’t consider myself a Gordon Ramsey

ME: Do you find cooking at uni fun?

JB: It’s a challenge I live with 6 people at uni, our house has one cooker with two hobs, so it can get a bit cramped.

ME: What’s your speciality?

JB: I make a mean curry. They are easy to make because you can take your time with them so I am less likely to mess the up.

ME: Do you cheat and have a lot of takeaways?

JB: No that’s more effort than cooking because you would have to leave the house.

ME: Do you watch a lot of cooking program?

JB: Occasionally I watch the F word, because Gordon Ramsey is funny.

ME: So do you make up you own recipes?

JB: Yeah, or I look them up on the internet. All recipes is pretty good.

ME: Finally, what three course meal would you cook to impress a girl?

JB: That’s tough. What are starters? I guess some kind of soup. I’d go all out on the main, monk fish wrapped in parma ham with roasted tomatoes, peppers, creme freche. And for the desert it would have to be trifle because that’s all I know how to make, or I’d buy some fancy ice cream.

ME: Sounds like a lucky lady.


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